NFC Keychains

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Now you simply share your business info with anyone at any time. You can program your keychain tag to link to your your social media, email, website etc. I suggest using poplink (shopify), milkshake, linktree, beacons etc., that way you can plug multiple links. 

*compatible with most phones. NFC must be turned on to work.  

Please add 3 colors options in the detail box for glitter and vinyl. (Glitter-Pink, blue, purple & Vinyl rose gold, white, gold). Your logo will go on the back. 

How do I set it up?

-Simply download NFC TOOL (orange logo)

-Scan tag

-Click WRITE

-Click ADD RECORD and choose your what your want to use, enter info and click OK

-Click WRITE/## BYTES and tap your keychain to the top of of your phone. (locations may vary). Once its connected you can test it out on your phone. There will be a link that pops up with all your linked info.

The other person doesn't need an app to receive your info!

If you want to add you logo or just your name, please make sure it has a transparent background.