Custom DTF Transfers

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  • Logo must have transparent background and saved in 300 DPI.
  • Colors can vary from image to image do to how images are saved. CMYK color format it best over RGB.
  • Image also needs to be saved in PNG format.
  • Please consider this when uploading images. Screen shots ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE.

DTF Instructions:

Temp: 350º  F

Time: 15 Seconds

Pressure: Heavy

Peel: Cold Peel

You must use a heat press, a house iron or easy press will not work. 

I am not responsible for operator error. Every press is different. If you are new or apprehensive, I recommend ordering a couple extra transfers.

 Direct-to-Film (DTF) transfers are full-color heat applied transfers for light and dark garments. No need to weed or mask. DTF transfers can be applied to cotton, cotton/poly blends, and even 100%. FOR BEST RESULTS WE SUGGEST A HEAT PRESS. Using an easy press or iron will simply not add the adequate amount of pressure you need for proper adhesion. 


 Application Instruction 

***Prior to heat pressing, hover the heat press over the transfer INK SIDE UP as close as you can without touching the transfer and allow the transfer to warm up for 30-60 seconds and this process will remove moisture from the transfer. This moisture in the ink builds up during the mailing process. 

-Preheat the garment for 15 seconds to remove excess moisture. After garment has cooled down place design in desired location.

-Place the transfer on the shirt picture facing up.  

  • Press at 350°F for 15 seconds under very firm pressure.
  • Remove the garment from the press and let it stand until it is cool to the touch.
  • Once cooled gently remove remove film starting from the corner. If you notice the corner is lifting, press again paying close attention to that area. Follow previous instructions. 
  • Once film is cooled down and peeled, cover the image with parchment paper and press again for 15 seconds. 

Care Instructions: 

Allow 48-72 hrs before washing to insure the transfer has properly cured. Turn the garment inside out. Machine wash cold. No bleach. No softener. Do not dry clean or iron. Tumble dry low. High heat temperature can damage the design. 

***Please note: If you do not plan to use DTF Transfers right away, place in a cool place. Warmer temperatures can cause moisture which is normal.